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FOX News
Nov 15, 2012 4:00am EST
resignation of a cia chief david petraeus. to there are two women involved, one paula broadwell who is petraeus mistress and the other jill kelley who accused ms. broadwell of threatening her. well now it seems ms. kelley has some problems of her own. >> this is joe kelley. i have a guy who is in by back yard and he is not leaving. if you could send somebody out. >> who is this guy do you know? >> i don't know who he is i'm honor consul general i have involiability. i don't know if they should be able to cross my property. i don't know if you want to get indictment i can protection involved as well lvet but now because that's against the law to cross my property because this is now, like, you know, it's inviolable. >> no arrest. ms. kelly doesn't have any diplomatic immunity. south korea might have given her some kind of honorary title but it means nothing. joining us from the pentagon where all hell is leaking loose fox news correspondent jennifer griffin. i want to take it simple for people who are kind of confused. i have to admit that i am one of those people. you have a situation
FOX News
Nov 9, 2012 8:00pm PST
larger investigation, the name of paula broadwell, who is general petraeus' biographer. she wrote a book that came out in january called-"all in, the education of general david h. petraeus." she had spent about a year in afghanistan with him, documenting his life, and it seems that the fbi was investigating something broader. her name came up. they started investigating concern that general petraeus now head of the cia was possibly some sort of victim in it or could be -- could be blackmailed in some sort of way. they never found that. but in the process, they uncovered this affair. now, there are also questions that are raised tonight, laura, about if this affair occurred while he was still a four star general key face some sort of military punishment? of course, it's against the ucmj code to van affair. could he be demoted? key face further cobs sequences? we really don't know the answer to that right now. sources confirming to fox that the affair was with paula broadwell, his biographer. she wrote the book "all in" earlier this year. >> jennifer, did this come to light before the
FOX News
Nov 9, 2012 8:00pm EST
that the affair was with paula broadwell, his biographer. she wrote the book "all in" earlier this year. >> jennifer, did this come to light before the election? or after the election? why are we just learning about this three days after the election, jennifer, and three days before he is slated to testify at those all-important hearings on capitol hill that you have been reporting on? >> well, we also just learned after the election about the iranians firing on a u.s. predator yen to. >> laura: we're getting into that later. >> so, yes, the timing of this is very suspicious. in terms of the fact that he no longer will have to testify before the house and senate intel committee. >> laura: he is choosing not to, right, jennifer? he is choosing not to. he could testify, key not? >> that's right. but he is choosing not to. there are going to be some heated discussions and questions from members on capitol hill who were frustrated by his previous responses after the benghazi attacks. he had emphasized the intelligence community didn't know who had been behind the attacks and had talked
FOX News
Nov 12, 2012 8:00pm EST
are the guy that suckers for paula broadwell. the smart guys don't return the calls. if you sucker for that you are not fit to be head of the cia. thank you four your service but you are not fit. >> bill: says that petraeus, as able as he is, should have stayed there. you can't do that but whats can it mean for the folks watching at home. cia director, by all accounts the man knows what he is doing and effective antiwar. dwight eisenhower was having affair when he was demanding the armies during world war ii. jfk i don't know how the guy stood up. and you had clinton and all of this stuff. >> cia director is a very special post. what it means for the people at home is, one, in my analysis, the white house is lying to the american people yet again the white house has been ducking benghazi. that's part of this. i think they were getting cold feet about petraeus testifying underoath what he might say that he might not hugh to the party line and it was all about the video because clearly he knew better. they are worried about petraeus on the benghazi hearings on the hill this week. plu
Search Results 0 to 13 of about 14 (some duplicates have been removed)